Coach Qualifications

Successful One University Network class coaches are committed tutors and mentors who work to support their students’ success. One University Network class coaches strive to have all of their students complete their classes by providing tutoring when students are confused, and guidance when students are not on-track to completion. One University Network class coaches are both responsive and pro-active.

One University Network class coaches:

  • have deep knowledge of the class content;
  • believe that all students can successfully complete their coursework if they work hard;
  • can build a friendly relationship with a wide variety of people;
  • can communicate complex ideas in clear and simple language;
  • have impeccable follow-through; and
  • own, and are comfortable with, an Android smartphone

When you become a certified One University Network class coach, you will be able to select your ideal working hours. You can select from mornings, afternoons or evenings and the weekday or the weekend. Students can then choose a coach that best fits their hours of study. Coaches are expected to respond to student inquiries and requests in a timely manner.

As a coach, you will have up-to-date information about your students so that you can observe their progress and pro-actively communicate with them. You will be able to view your students’ work, provide assistance and feedback through the app, and see their performance on quizzes and practice exercises. If a student scores well on an assessment, you can send a message of congratulations. If you notice that a student has not studied in the last few days, you can reach-out to the student to learn about what may be keeping her from studying.