If you love teaching and supporting others, you could become a class coach for One University Network. Class coaches are deeply committed to helping all students complete their studies successfully so they can go on to earn their desired credential or degree.

Every time students enroll in a class they choose a coach. As a class coach, you are your students tutor and mentor. You get to know your students long-term goals, motivations and obstacles. When your students are confused by new material, you tutor them. When your students are struggling with successful study habits, you provide guidance. When your students experience failures, you encourage them to persist. And when your students succeed, you cheer with unbridled enthusiasm. You are a facilitator of dreams.

You may already have a full-time job and be interested in dedicating some of your evening and weekend hours to sharing your expertise while earning extra income. You may be employed part-time in a job that doesn’t utilize all that you know; or you may be willing to pursue serving as a full-time coach to realize your own dream of educating others while earning a good living. As an OUN class coach, you have flexible hours, the convenience of working from your mobile device, competitive compensation, all while knowing you are helping others pursue their dream of an education. Being an OUN class coach is more than a job, it is a calling. Learn more about How to Apply and Compensation.

If you are interested in becoming a student in the Strathmore Mobile program, please refer to the program home for details.