Company Overview

Higher education is in trouble. All over the world there remain problems with both access and quality. Today, there are not enough university seats to meet the demand of students; and over the next 20 years, more new students will enter university than have ever attended university. At the same time, there is a gulf between graduates’ skills and the expectations of employers. The current university model does not work for most students: they either cannot access it or are not prepared by it. It also doesn’t work for most faculty members, who are underpaid adjuncts with little job security. Now is the time to fix the model.

In partnership with respected universities and employers throughout the world, One University Network (OUN) is enabling students to earn affordable, self-paced degrees and credentials on their mobile devices. OUN delivers learning experiences to students via its mobile, adaptive learning app, allowing them to engage with peers and receive support from OUN-certified coaches. Unlike traditional faculty, coaches are continuously rated, creating a vast talent pool to address the severe shortage of qualified instructors in the fastest growing higher education markets. While tuition is affordable, coaches can earn really good money. With a world-class team and solid plan, OUN is launching in 2016, with a plan to quickly expand to markets throughout the world.

The founding team of OUN has pledged 1% of equity, time and product toward corporate philanthropic activities.